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Fujian ShengMiao International Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 2019 as manufacturer and exporter for both professional, and has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmentmanagement system certification . We are specializing in interior decoration,including door frames , wooden mouldings , stair treads , shutter components,wainscots, balusters ,S4S/S3S and so on.

ShengMiao has a professional team executingstrict quality control system over all operations, aiming to continuallyimprove quality, doing our best to meet different requirements of customers.Therefore, our annul export 12,000,000 US dollars, the products are exportedall over the world such as South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

ShengMiao will keep a sustainable growth inthe highly competitive international market, guarantee good product quality,latest design, elastic and competitive price, on-time delivery ,and wellcustom services as we always do . We warmly welcome friends all over the worldto join our business and to achieve our mutual development.